buddyphoto“You don’t just love
your children… you fall in
love with them.”

to steal a quote from one of my favorite fictional characters, dr. frasier crane. i feel like one of the reasons new moms feel so unprepared for their role is because a) it is one of those life experiences that is really hard to explain and so no one thought to tell you that a freight train was headed in your direction b) it is different for almost every one, and when combining that with how unique every personality is, it’s very hard to find someone going through exactly what you are experiencing and also someone who would react the same way you would in any given situation.

i worried so much at first about what kind of mom I was going to be, what with all the crying, and it was scary looking down at this little thing and thinking “i’m in charge of keeping you alive for the next 18 years. in the beginning you are bursting with so many emotions it’s hard to even think straight. i wish i would have just relaxed, it would have saved me so much stress. because as soon as newborn jameson stopped hating the world around her because it was nothing like the nice cozy womb she’d been living in for the past nine months, baby jameson turned out to be this awesome person who i love spending the day with and hate putting down to bed at night because it means i won’t see her for the next 12 hours.

she is not perfect, but she is so many other things. she is funny and loud and loving and curious. she adores her papa (mostly because of his facial hair and how well it fits into her tiny fingers, giving her just enough grip to pull as hard as she can). and she saves some of her best smiles for her mom, just when she seems to need them most.

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