our daughter is finally here! (as made pretty clear in the video below, but seriously, this is the first time in the two weeks since she was born that i’ve had a chance to blog about it, so stay with me).

we named her jameson, which is a name that kept coming up over the course of the pregnancy and it just seemed to fit when we saw her for the first time (even though we took a good two days before filling out the paperwork in the hospital just to make sure we weren’t screwing her up for life).

we considered so many different options over the past nine months, but ultimately we wanted her to have something uniquely hers. we never really hear the name jameson and i love that it could go either way, since both charlie and i also have unisex names (i shared my name with two boys in my class while growing up and it seems like the name “charlie” for girls is really growing in popularity) … now, i’m not going to say i didn’t freak out and second guess ourselves when picking up some medicine for the baby and the pharmacist asked if “he” had any allergies and then spelled her name “jamison” on the bottle … but that probably had more to do with hormones and the fact that jameson was screaming at the time.

as for the middle name, lucia, it almost was her first, but we decided it was way too girly for her after she glared at us for the first time when her feeding was cut short (this girl is serious about her eating, she’s only two and a half weeks old and already weighs more than a pound over her birth weight). lucia is not a very common name in the states and since we’ve heard it pronounced a couple different ways (loo-CHEE-uh and loo-SHA) which are the italian and english versions, we just wanted to clarify it’s pronounced as the latin american version, (loo-SEE-ah) and means “light.”

so, much more to come, though at this point i’m not sure how much i’ll be able to post. becoming a parent is really intense and wonderful and overwhelming and everything that people wait to tell you until you actually have kids because they don’t want to freak you out. it is hard, but charlie and i, who were already freakishly close, are only becoming closer as we try to figure it out, tag-teaming each other just to get a few hours of sleep, slipping each other food and coffee while taking turns rocking begging our daughter to sleep. i’m just so thankful to have such an incredible partner in all of this, and one who takes such amazing pictures of jameson, catching so many of her different looks and expressions.

charlie also made the video i posted below in an effort to share some of our experience with close friends and family. we set out to take a belly photo every day, and while we didn’t exactly hit our target throughout the pregnancy, we came pretty close (or more accurately, we squeezed in as many as we could in between the restless nights and raging heartburn…)jessie8878i will say that one of the toughest parts in all of this has been not being able to really share it with my mom. i know i’ve previously talked about being from a family of 15 kids, but only after having a baby do i realize just what an extraordinary woman she is. i asked my brother a few months ago to send me some photos of her while she was pregnant but he couldn’t really find any (which is crazy considering she was pregnant over the course of three decades but not so crazy if you know how much she hated having her picture taken) this was among the ones he did send me, and i love how tired/happy she looks. MOMFINALwithout her guidance, i find myself asking my siblings (and frankly any parent willing to listen) as many questions as i can, praying constantly, and trying to remind myself the baby will eventually sleep through the night. so stay tuned for more stories about the girl we’ve nicknamed “baby james,” details on all our first-time parenting mistakes, and the exciting conclusion to the following dilemma: does it matter that our pediatrician has never had a baby herself and is so young she makes doogie howser look “mature”?

talk amongst yourselves.


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