IMG_7010waiting for baby girl … four weeks until our due date. i could say we are just now officially in full-on preparation mode, but the truth is, it has been pretty hard to focus on anything else for a while now. it’s crazy how someone who didn’t exist in your world a few short months ago can suddenly consume most of your thoughts, not unlike falling in love. so happy. so trying not to be anxious. so going to direct my focus to making time for just charlie and i before baby makes 3 … well, before baby makes 4 with buddy.

and while we’re on the subject. buddy is such a special part of our lives, it’s really hard to imagine anything competing with that. we’ve heard from so many people “oh we used to be like that with with our dog too, just wait until the baby comes…” and it’s hard not to take it personally and shout back something insane like “well you don’t know our dog, sir!!! good day!!!” see, i told you, insane. so instead of projecting all these insecurities, i’ll just share a little section we’ll call, ‘the best of buddy.’
charliebuddy2charlie calming buddy down during a 7 a.m. trip to the vet after he started making this weird gagging sound we later found out was a cough. i was so scared i just put him in the car and ended up picking up charlie (who was on a run) on the way to the animal hospital.

the best of buddy: a sampling.

the way he approaches his sleeping position on our humongous bed by walking around for a second, circling, and then plopping right down on my legs so that i have to curl them up against my chest.  and there he stays, until charlie looks over, sees how cramped i am and prods him to move, with me saying “it’s ok” the whole time because i secretly love having a little heater at my feet. buddy5the way he both demands to be treated like a human (i know there’s dog food in my tray but what are you guys eating?) and also acts completely like a crazy dog, going through the garbage and eating things that make us just stare at him and say “what is wrong with you?”
buddythe way he tackles the day. buddy is one of the happiest living things i have ever encountered. my biggest fear is that one day he’s going to come across a cougar and approach him like “hello friend!” and then proceed to get eaten. he’s just that happy, and i love it. buddy6the way we both love him. buddy has been there from the beginning of charlie and i, before we became an “us.” he is a constant reminder of who we are and the things that are important to us (yes, even the non-dog things). just, total perspective, that’s what he brings to the table.buddy7ok, i could go on, but buddy keeps coming in to check on me and making heavy, exaggerated sighs as he slumps to the floor. time for a walk.


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