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i wanted to share a little bit from life lately and our first summer since moving to iowa.

so many great moments, so many things to love about this time of year, from fresh fruit and fresh flowers, to taking the time to visit friends and the new places. charlie and i went to san francisco for our anniversary and had so much fun. i also got to sneak away to d.c. for a weekend to see one of my closest friends and take part in the washington post’s annual post hunt.
posthunt23                                       talia and i acting like the post hunt wasn’t hard … it was

back in iowa, the summer heat and humidity took some getting used to, but this week it really started to calm down and feel like fall, you can just smell it in the air … if that makes sense.

i’m already lining up boot/sweater combinations and preparing slow cooker meals, even though we’re still in the 90s. but i can feel it, we’re close.






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