i apologize for the absence of posts lately. things have been so busy with me starting a new job and charlie and i trying to find time to be together (he works nights and weekends, i work regularly monday-friday schedule). for the past several months we’ve had this really blissful period where we had tons of time to ourselves, and it’s been a challenge to go back to the same work schedule we had at the start of our relationship, when charlie worked weekends and i worked a regular work week. then, i spent a lot of time being jealous of other couples who shared regular weekends together.

and now, here we are, back to that same schedule.

but so much has changed.

we’ve learned how to appreciate the time we do get together. we don’t get as cranky with each other when we know that we’re really just upset about the situation and, in most cases, tired and/or hungry. and our commitment has only deepened (the marriage seems to have really brought us together)

in this second time around, i’m also finding myself constantly amazed at how much i lucked out. i couldn’t have picked a more supportive person to share my life with, and i doubt that would have sunk in as much had we all the time in the world together.

it made me think of something a friend said recently. her husband works during the week while she works weekends and while we were chatting recently, it came up. she said the reason their arrangement works is because the foundation of their relationship is so strong. you don’t find that out when everything is going like you planned, you find that out in the struggles (as any motivational speaker/life coach/weight loss guru/oprah wannabe) will tell you.

but it’s true.

i think charlie and i are both learning to live in the present moment more, appreciate the small things, not worry so much, look at a photo and get lost in how happy you were when it was taken.

this weekend was the four-year anniversary of our first date. we went on a quick road trip saturday after charlie got off work, and he took this photo of buddy and me during one of our stops. i look at this and find it impossible to feel any lack, any want for anything else.


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