spring3it always happens, the same time every year. i get really, really tired of the cold and need to start thinking about spring before i forget what it feels like to have the sun on my face.

this year i decided to be a little aggressive about warding off the winter blues, and so i spent a little time this weekend brightening up the place. we spent about $150 total ($120 on throws/curtains/pillows/picture frames and $35 at the fabric store) and our home looks like a completely new house.

mostly, i worked with what we already have.

over the past year we’ve worked really hard to become less attached to possessions and more happy with simple, everyday pleasures. this has been somewhat easier considering there are so many DIY resources available online, and with pinterest, there’s also pages and pages of inspiration at your fingertips. bottom  line: you really don’t have to spend a lot to transform a space.
spring2i was a little overwhelmed at first, all of the stores have started to haul out their spring products and in the way of home decor, there is a lot to look at. once i found this bright coral throw (below) it set the tone for what i wanted to do with our living room. and it was buddy approved.


spring4i loved these frames, which were $6.99 apiece. i found the boy/girl silhouettes online using a simple google search and then just printed them off at home.spring11


spring9these vintage board games were a wedding present, and too cool looking to put away in a closet. spring14

spring13we already had the yellow pillows, so i picked up some fabric that would accent the new throws that we bought and i made a couple easy, no-sew pillows following these instructions. spring12


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