57i’ve finally gone through all of the photos i took while visiting my family in northern idaho late last year. i was there for about a month, spending a little time with a few of my siblings and their families. it was so much fun getting a small view into their lives and getting to know them a little better as adults and as parents. i’m always amazed at how much of their personalities play out in their kids, as shown by tiana and lily goofing around in these photos. we are a … charismatic people.

for what seemed like a short visit, a lot happened. there was a birthday, a move into a new house, a baby was born, a lot of pie was eaten (specifically, on thanksgiving.)

it was hectic, like everything in my family, so also very comforting…56the trip started out in post falls, idaho with my sister susie and her daughters, star and lily, who is shown below with her pumpkin pancakes with the family cat, twinkle








19the girls woke up early for susie’s birthday and gave her their presents. we noticed lily looked really tired and then we realized she had stayed up late sewing this pillow.17


23my sister wanted to go to a gun range for her birthday. this is me hiding in the cornerphotonext stop was lewiston, idaho, where i got to see my sister debbi and my brother pete, who recently moved back to idaho after his job took him to california for a few years. this is pete’s youngest, brice, who proved a great photo subject .. until he got sick of the camera and told me to stop.30


26their dog oreo. i wanted to put her in my bag and take her home with me. such a sweet dog.47

27brice and his older sisters, tiana and shay. 28



38the matriarch of our not-so-small brood.40


46in retrospect, letting them go after the turkey later may not have been the best idea.45

36 my youngest brother ej lives in orofino, idaho with his wife amy. when i visited they had just had a baby boy. i already posted a little bit about him here.
58the trip ended with susie’s move into her new house. i love this picture of them, camping out in their new digs. they were so excited they couldn’t wait for their furniture to get moved in. 51


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