jan30xthis was the sandwich charlie requested as he braved a head cold on his day off. we got hit by a major snowstorm last night, so other than a run to the gym and the post office, we stayed inside and cooked. rather, i cooked and charlie downed vitamin c supplements in an attempt to feel better.

jan30xxxi have officially mastered making smoothies. i wasn’t really into it until last year, when my nephew, a college student, started regaling me with tales of the magic bullet. you’ve probably heard all about it if you tend to watch infomercials at 1 am. it’s super easy, you blend and drink from the same cup. this particular smoothie is my favorite, bananas, blueberries, soy milk and vanilla protein powder.

jan30xxxxxmaking lots and lots of tea lately…

jan30xxxxxxi tried these key lime bars today. they looked/smelled amazing but i forgot to read the part of the recipe that described them as “extra tart.” they made our eyes water. the crust, however, was delicious…

photocharlie took this with his iphone the other night. i know, i know, treating your dog like a human is apparently the WORST thing you can do, but he’s grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

oh, and he’s ADORABLE.


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