jan28i will occasionally tag along with charlie when he’s working, typically on the weekends that involve low-pressure assignments he can take his time with. for me, this usually involves reading a book while he covers a high school wrestling match or sitting in the car after he noticed a cool-looking tree or a historic barn with character, or what i like to call “hbwc” (he has found an unusually high number of hbwc, hence the acronym). he is always itching to grab his camera and has spent a good part of our relationship apologizing as he turns the car around so he can go take a closer look at some roadside relic.

sometimes, i’ll have my camera too. i’m glad i did in this case because he was too busy to be self-conscious while i photographed him. i love watching him work, probably because this is how we met, working together, traveling to new places, marveling at how hectic the assignment started out and how well the stories and photos came together in the end.


on this particular assignment, buddy (aka camera assistant and overall enthusiasm raiser) came along. his only requirement is that his fees be paid in games of fetch.



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