1 as i mentioned in a previous post, we kinda laid low for the new year’s holiday and got out of town for a few days. charlie’s grandpa has a house on lake panorama, about an hour away, and we couldn’t think of a better place to unwind, read and let buddy run wild (his cabin fever, unfortunately, is not connected to the cold weather weather but rather a resting state of mind).

it was the perfect setting to think about all the changes 2012 ushered in, and also get excited for all the changes to come 2013. happy new year!3we saw so many beautiful birds thanks to these feeders hanging outside the house. plus,as an added bonus, charlie got to the chance to test out some his rarely used “sewet” jokes…




_MG_9268it was so cold inside the house, i just kept my coat on for a while … granted, i’m always freezing IMG_9176




15we found these color flame crystals by the fire (who knew, right?) it’s basically a dust you sprinkle over the flames and they turn different colors. i’m guessing it’s a product that was invented in the 1970s and has since been banned by the EPA … still, fun.23



21sadly, we got so into our scrabble match, we did not make it to the “iowa game.” next time.


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