20we usually go to charlie’s parents for christmas (we try to spend thanksgiving with my family) so we knew it was going to be somewhat hard to be on our own this year. to make it a little easier, we kept a lot of our family traditions intact and tried to come up with a few of our own.

we waited until christmas morning to open presents, as his family does. charlie aggressively maintained that our stockings would be magically laid out by santa this morning, as his parents have long maintained for him (the fantasy was broken, however, when i set my alarm last night and charlie looked at me with this deadpan face and said: you really think you’re going to get up before me?).

and i tried to make monkey bread, which charlie’s mom makes every christmas morning. i don’t know how you mess up what amounts to a gooey, bundt pan-shaped concoction of bread, sugar and cinnamon all melted together but i think i did (it’s the effort that counts right?)

i just wanted to share a few moments before we get on with the rest of our day.

in an effort to incorporate some of my family’s traditions, i am cooking my first legit turkey (and it promises to be my last after becoming acquainted with something called “gizzards”). charlie is shoveling off the back porch so buddy will stop giving us his most sad, doe-eyed look every time he has to climb through the snow so he can go to the bathroom. and we are both thinking of our families and how lucky we are to have each other.

Merry Christmas!



3buddy waiting to see what’s next after opening his present from grandpa.2

19who knew there were bacon and cheese flavored (buddy’s favorite combo) dog biscuits in the shape of tiny gingerbread men? grandpa did.

16the contents of the “magical” stockings revealed!15




7yes, unknowingly we both got each other robes … it’s cold here!

12this was one of my favorite weddings photos and charlie had it made into a metal print.18 a little piece of home courtesy charlie’s sister and brother-in-law…13



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