4we woke up to find our neighborhood blanketed by about a foot of snow, which was a bit of a shock after living in a desert climate for the past five years. but a lot of people warned me about winters in the midwest, and i would have been disappointed if i didn’t get a good taste of what they were talking about.

this morning, when charlie and i were shoveling out our driveway, i thought about how i haven’t really experienced a harsh winter since i was a teenager. after college i moved to florida, where i lived on the gulf coast, and after florida i moved to boise, which has sweltering summers and mild winters.

as my back started to hurt with each shovel-full of snow this morning, i thought about how many times i had complained while living in those places that it was “too hot.”

so if any of you are currently living in a warm climate, and see the picturesque scene below and think to yourself “i really miss real winters,” i urge you to go find a shovel and load it up with rocks or seashells or whatever else you can find and heave it over your shoulder (preferably while no one else is standing behind you). and then repeat. about 20 times.


12and back indoors…
3i just got around to toying with the polaroids we had everyone take at our wedding. i want to make a display that we can hang up in our bedroom. it’s just been hard to get motivated because we’ll be moving again next summer and have to take everything down.


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