i’m constantly bugging my father-in-law about the little green men guarding his neighborhood, telling drivers to slow down even though the speed limit is already like 3 mph. how did they get there? is there a special “green men” store? can you buy a family of green men just to bug your neighbors? apparently, i wasn’t the only one who found their fluorescent flag-holding a bit “preachy.” we found this little guy assaulted just as we were leaving town (for the record, it was not me.)

just before hitting the montana border…
this was the entire trip, us taking pictures of each other taking pictures…
i think i’m showing off my practical footwear here …

the only thing you need to know about west yellowstone, the hotel internet password was “elk”

and that this was the hot tub’s room…

catching up with our friend shawn in livingston, mont.

pausing only for the cute creepy baby lamb painted on the side of a newspaper box.

a low point in the trip, poor lola, the corolla, almost didn’t make it…

and then there was iowa…


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