the last few weeks have been exhausting, but for a good reason. charlie was offered an amazing opportunity in iowa, so we are relocating to des moines. we have been working furiously to pack up our lives here and prepare to move across the country. good-byes are hard, especially when leaving the place where charlie and i met and fell in love. we’ve spent the past several days soaking up our favorite parts of boise, and spending time with friends and family.

it’s officially the first time i’ve ever moved for someone else’s career, but i guess that comes with being a newlywed, there are a bunch of firsts. first time saying the word “husband,” first time starting every sentence with “we, our and us,” first time looking at someone and thinking “wow, i’m going to be with you until the aging process takes its course.”

i’m very excited for charlie’s new gig and about having some time to do some personal projects. heading out on a new adventure? well, that’s just the icing on an already great cake. stay tuned.

1) confronting a long “to do” list
2) plan of attack
3) afternoon nap
4) moving truck
5) charlie did most of the work
6) good-bye things
7) good-bye house
8) good-bye job
9) awesome ward hooper artwork from colleagues
10) good-bye boise
11) james dean
12) hanging out with nephew joe
13) buddy
14) good-bye boise river
15) my boys


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