i was a total tomboy growing up (i once wore moon boots with an easter dress my grandma made for me). so no one was more surprised than adult me to find neon pink slip itself into my wardrobe (i blame j. crew) strange things are happening, all of the sudden, it completely makes sense that i would spend an afternoon painting my nails a neon color so blinding the barista at my local coffee shop (ok, it was starbucks) would pause before handing me my order and cry: “well, look at you!” in an almost, i will say, accusatory manner, like, “someone feels the need to stand out a bit today, don’t they?”

well, yes.

if carrie bradshaw taught us anything, it’s that sometimes we need to buy what the magazines tell us do something extra to make ourselves feel special (episode 83: a woman’s right to shoes). no, i’m not condoning spending $485 on shoes that you can’t walk in (the sensible financial german in me would forbid it). but, this isn’t about ridiculously priced footwear.

if a color you never thought would have a moment in your wardrobe, is having a moment, you just have to get out of the way…

other pink things i’m loving…

j. crew’s pink flamenca dress

free people’s satya lace dress


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